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Gift Certificate / Layaway Payment Helmet Feathers by Marto of Toledo Spain Chain Mail Coif (Hood) from Marto of Toledo Spain
Give someone a Gift Certificate to Swords From Spain OR use this to set up a layaway for yourself. When setting up a layaway, please indicate the product you want to put on layaway in the "message" box. All layaways must be paid off within 120 days. Helmet Feathers by Marto of Toledo Spain Chain Mail coif (hood) made with steel linked rings. The Chain Mail Coif was used for full head protection, leaving only the face bare, with the lower edge that falls over the shoulders. Initially one piece with the hauberk, it became a different element starting from the 13th century and in this version remained in use throughout all the 14th century, coexisting with the other typology. Usually it was worn under a cask or helm.
Wooden Helmet Display Stand
Wooden Helmet Display Stand
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Display your full size helmet with these helmet display stands.