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Gift Certificate / Layaway Payment Nabucodonosor Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain - Gold Sword of the Gods Tachi Samurai Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain
Give someone a Gift Certificate to Swords From Spain OR use this to set up a layaway for yourself. When setting up a layaway, please indicate the product you want to put on layaway in the "message" box. All layaways must be paid off within 120 days. Zorro sword-Saber of Elena Montero
Elena's Saber is a symbol for courage and honor.
This is a reproduction of the stunning saber from the Mask of Zorro and Legend of Zorro movies, starring Catherine Zeta Jones.
Oficially licensed Zorro sword.
The Sword of the Gods by Marto , is inspired by legend. Once upon a time, the Sun wanted to create a nation that was different from all other nations. So the Sun took a beam of its own sun rays, and shaped a beautiful woman, and named her Amaterasu, "that which illuminates heaven" , Goddess of the Sun and mother of the new nation: Japan. Marto, has designed this exclusive sword, that gathers all the symbols and images of this fantastic story. This sword is the beginning of the Bushido Collection (the way of the warrior).