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Gift Certificate / Layaway Payment Tachi Meiji Samurai Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain Sword of the Gods Tachi Samurai Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain
Give someone a Gift Certificate to Swords From Spain OR use this to set up a layaway for yourself. When setting up a layaway, please indicate the product you want to put on layaway in the "message" box. All layaways must be paid off within 120 days. The Tachi Meiji Samurai sword is a high quality replica reproduction of the original held in the Marto private collection that dates back to the Meiji age, starting with the imperial power restoration in 1868. The scabbard and the handgrip are made in ivory like resin, finely engraved with mythological scenes which mainly depict dragons. The scabbard is also provided with two hanger rings used to carry the sword suspended with the cutting edge toward the ground, a modality known as "jindachi zukuri", opposed to the "buke zukuri", instead the typical way of carrying a katana, that is with the blade toward the sky. The Sword of the Gods by Marto , is inspired by legend. Once upon a time, the Sun wanted to create a nation that was different from all other nations. So the Sun took a beam of its own sun rays, and shaped a beautiful woman, and named her Amaterasu, "that which illuminates heaven" , Goddess of the Sun and mother of the new nation: Japan. Marto, has designed this exclusive sword, that gathers all the symbols and images of this fantastic story. This sword is the beginning of the Bushido Collection (the way of the warrior).
Ito Maki Tachi Samurai Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain
The Ito Maki Tachi Samurai Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain features furnishing (koshirae) of the Ito Maki type recognizable for the braid of the same color, blue in this case, wrapped both on the handgrip (tsuka ito) and the upper part of the scabbard (saya ito). Under it there is a marbled covering, originally made of rayskin. The scabbard (saya) is made in azure painted wood with trefoil figures. The metallic components, the pommel (kabuto gane), the collar (fuchi), the guard (tsuba), the scabbard ring (semegane), the scabbard tip (sayajiri) and the hangers' rings (obitori kanagu) are silver plated with blue fittings. One of the characteristics of the Tachi are the leather hangers (ashi) that allow it to be carried suspended with the cutting edge toward the ground, in opposition to the katana, carried instead with the cutting edge toward the sky.