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Miniature Xena Sword Silver by Marto of Toledo Spain Miniature Xena Sword Bronze by Marto of Toledo Spain Xena Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain
Xena: Warrior Princess was fantasy TV series (1995-2001). Xena was played by Lucy Lawless. Xena: Warrior Princess was fantasy TV series (1995-2001). Xena was played by Lucy Lawless. Xena Sword Marto HI007

Features beautiful mother of pearl stones on cross and pommel and black full-grain leather wrapped grip.
All Marto Xena replicas are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

The true Xena collectible sword.

Exactly the same sword as seen in TV.

Authentic Xena sword replica by Marto-the only officially licensed Xena swords available.
Discontinued - Xena Super Katana by Marto of Toledo Spain
Xena Super katana Marto HI008
Authentic Xena sword replica.
Limited edition.
Special features.

Xena Super Katana features
Katana length: 41 3/4"

420 stainless steel blade

Xena Super Katana accessoires
Secret poison chamber at hilt end
Removable mini chakram
Two-piece blow dart gun tube with dart quiver
Slingshot/catapult at scabbard tip

Katana is handcrafted in Toledo, Spain, by Marto, since the 15th century the most respected sword-making guild in the world, the Xena Collector's Sword carries with it a tradition of unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Beginning with the expertly tempered and hand-polished 420 stainless steel blade, handle and cross this piece establishes itself as a collector's sword of the highest pedigree.

Hidden within her magnificently detailed Super Katana lays an arsenal of deadly weaponry so seamlessly blended and cleverly disguised that, without mention, it would go undetected.

Release the stone-topped pommel to reveal a secret chamber for holding poison. From the ornate guard unleash a miniature chakram that, while in place, stores a fully functional blow dart gun. The inventiveness extends as well to the jade green scabbard, which stashes at it's tip a quick-action slingshot.

Authentic Xena sword replica.